About Us

Nahal Pistachio agricultural Co. of Rafsanjan

Nahal Pistachio agricultural Co. of Rafsanjan was established in 1996. This company started different brands in 2003 for producing, processing and supplying the best quality packaging of dried fruits, especially Iranian pistachios, in Rafsanjan.

All areas around Kerman, especially Rafsanjan, are known in the world as the birthplace and place of production of different quality varieties of pistachios. In the meantime, the largest artificial pistachio forests in the world that have ever been created by human are located around this city.

The very unique location of Rafsanjan, near the Lut Desert, has created a unique climate for this region in order to prepare for the growth and production of unique and incomparable species of pistachios around the world. The unique points of this collection are different in many parameters and in terms of views, such as shape, type, taste and flavor, which is its most important distinction.

Since Rafsanjan Nahal Pistachio Agricultural Company has owned the largest orchards and pistachio fields and has deep cooperation with the most powerful producers in the region, it has created a high capacity to produce and provide pistachio with the best quality and competitive price, an excellent product compliance with compatibility with international standards. Our policy and character has established a specific method to eliminate some of the diseases by using a fully automated and modern machine process from the very beginning to the final packaging. For this reason, our company has always provided the best.

In recent years, Rafsanjan Nahal Pistachio Agricultural Company considered innovations in production and distribution by export methods as a distinctive difference about this company. The point that can be important in the meantime is that our company has introduced the best taste and flavor into the market.

In order to meet the increasing demand of consumers, the health-oriented demands of our consumers, we have changed all the traditional methods of supply and production of pistachio and today we use the healthiest production methods to display and offer a unique pistachio product to the whole world.